Tech Talk Live with Eric Show #27 May 18 2015

Tech Talk Live with Eric Show #27 May 18 2015. This week we cover the weekly news from the #Maker and #Tech world. As well we cover some big news for the MKme Community as a whole.

Here is the live broadcast video:

Here are the show notes/links to the content discussed this week:

Tech News:

Cybersecurity Experts Criticize United Airlines Hacker

Introducing the Lily Camera

Arduino Announces Manufacturing Partnership with Adafruit

The State of Arduino

Viewer Challenge- What are you Making???

3D Printer News/Projects:

Metal Plating Your 3D Prints

Orbit1: A Tabletop Electroplater Turns Your Ideas into Gold

From the Community:

Flite Test | Support Your Local Hobby Shop

EEVblog #743 – Solar Roadways Test Results

Cosmos Satellite decoding

Collin’s Lab: Arduino

Jetman Dubai : Young Feathers 4K

MailBag #1 – May, 2015

Combo Breaker – motorized combo lock cracking device

Flashing ESCs with arduino

GoPro & Mobius Editing Youtube Exposure Correction – Final Cut X

Joe Nall 2015 – Part 4 – HobbyKing Live

Closing Thoughts-

Where Police Meets Humanity & Heroism | REAL LIFE HEROES | Part 36

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