Tech Talk Live with Eric Show #24 April 27 2015

Tech Talk Live with Eric Show #24 April 27 2015. This week we cover the weekly news from the #Maker and #Tech world. As well we cover some big news for the MKme Community as a whole.

Here is the live broadcast video:

Here are the show notes/links to the content discussed this week:

Tech News:

X-47B Autonomous Aerial Refueling:

KSP 1.0:

Viewer Challenge- What are you Making???

3D Printer News/Projects:

Ultimate Robotic Fish:

From the Community:

Power Tool Repair:

His Patreon Campaign:

How to splice wire:

Micro FPV setup:

Arduino Zero Review:

Raspberry Pi TOR/VPN router:

How NOT to take tools on a plane:

Closing Thoughts-

Tech can indeed be used in new and exciting ways but ensuring it gets adequately assessed while not being
held up by bureaucracy is indeed a challenge:

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