Tech Talk Live With Eric- Live YouTube Show Feb 2 2015

This weeks live show can be viewed here:


New this week I will share the URLs for many of the shared videos, tech news and electronics stuff. Β Here is the playlist:


SR22 Parachute/Crash- He takes a nice selfie during the ordeal:

Spire Cubesats:

Google Earth Pro is Free

Copenhagen Suborbitals- -New propellant tanks:

SHTF Communications:

Mars helicopter:

Adafruit- Ask an Enginerr:

RTL SDR Keyboard Spying:

Spying on Keyboard Presses with a Software Defined Radio

3D printing exoskeleton

3D printed engine

The Hacksmith Exoskeleton:

Ben Heck’s Pi MAME:

Tom’s NOAA 19 Satellite Decoding (Great channel for all things satellite)

FPV TwinStar RC Build:

Emergency Parachute for RC/Quad copters:

Lear Flight Simulator vid/channel:

433 MHz transmitters:

MSIPERRY- Updates- Cool shout out and great channel for electronics etc.

OpenDroneMap Project:

EEVBlog Intercom Repair:

Dave’s- How Technology Inspires Me- Great Channel:


Closing thoughts (medical care for those without homes)

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