Tech Talk with Eric- Live Show Feb 16 2015

Here is the live Tech Talk with Eric show for today:

Below you can find the links to all the content/videos shared in the show:

Apple to make electric car:

Open ROV Tests 2.7:

FAA Drone Use Regulations:


Make:How It Is Made: 3D Printing Filament

goTenna by SurvivalTechNord

Mini arc furnace:


Arduino Due vs Uno Benchmark:

Eric’s Garduino live on Adafruit Show and Tell:

Hackaday Conductive Ink Printer:

Computing Forever- Apple iMac Vs MacBook Pro 2015: Which Should You Buy?

Misperry- Adding bluetooth to a Pi

W5KUB Amateur Radio Round Table Live Show:
(Join me again on their live show this Tuesday night 9PM EST

Join me on their live show Tuesday night 9PM EST

555 timer – Adjustable PWM generator

Creating Your Own Printed Circuit Boards:

Tech Tip of the week: Fritzing for circuit design (100% FREE)

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