Tech Talk with Eric Live Show #15

Tech Talk Live with Eric Show #15 Feb 23 2015. This week we cover the weekly news from the #Maker and #Tech world. As well we cover some big news for the MKme Community as a whole.

Here is the live broadcast video:

Here are the show notes/links to the content discussed this week:

More Lenovo Adware problems

ISS Huge EVA to run cables for new crew capsules:

NSA UK spies breach of cell phone codes:

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LeRoy Miller- Viewer Challenge Response- Heathkit Hero Jr:

Morwic Support’s Phona based DIY cell phone:

Morwick’s Neo Pixel Panel Update:

3D Printing- Live Show with Noe & Pedro from Adafruit:

Rui Santos ESP8266 Module:

LeRoy Miller- 2.4″ TFT Display Driver Info:

Linus Tech Tips: $300 Gaming PC Challenge

Light and sound brainwave device:

Arduino LCD oops from Jay:

Tinkernut Mind controlled TV remote:

Team Stellarum Weather Balloon Capsule:

Hamrad88 Radio Shack Pocket Shortwave Radio

Pixy Cam test

Simple Heartbeat Sensor:

IOS Apps for amateur radio:

Eric from live on webcast:

Dirk’s ESP8266 Firmware:

David’s Audio Cube Build

Closing Thoughts:

The sandwich man of Minneapolis. ย Remember if you can, do something for someone else. No matter how small the gesture- you may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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