Raspberry Pi Media Center

Raspberry Pi Smart TV mkme.org

This week we took a Raspberry Pi and set it up as a full media center which can stream videos, watch TV broadcasts and much more.

In order to set up the basic operating system on the Pi you can follow the instructions for OpenElec here:

Once you have your Pi Media center up and running you may want to add more options for streaming movies and TV.  To do this you will need to install the Addon Installer by following these instructions:

1. Move to system -> File manager -> Add source
2. Add media location http://fusion.tvaddons.ag and for name add .Fusion
3. Go to settings -> add-ons -> select: install from zip file
4. Select .Fusion
5. Go to start-here and select plugin.program.addoninstaller.zip
6. You get message Addon instaler – Add-on enabled
7. Move to Programs and select Addon installer
8. Select Video Addons
9. Add any Addons you wish such as Genesis etc.
10. Move to videos -> add-ons and there you are, free movies and TV shows on demand

You can find the top Addons for 2015 HERE

If you don’t already have these parts you can get the Raspberry Pi, wireless adapter and remote control in the store HERE

Enjoy your new smart TV!