The intent of this portable kit is to be able to make electronics projects anywhere I go.

The basics are in oscilloscope multimeter soldering equipment some parts and micro controllers. With these or do we know parts in a laptop computer I can build just about anything at least to the prototype phase

With a small amount of money you can re-create this kit with your own equipment starting small you can build it up as I did. check out the video for full instructions.๏ฟผ

New Machine Learning Group!

I finally got around to making a specific group for Machine Learning.

Since machine learning is a very niche topic I decided to Facebook group might be the easiest way. I also have all my machine learning files on GitHub.

Iโ€™ve been testing out tiny ML with edge impulse in the Arduino board and so far itโ€™s looking promising but I wonโ€™t know till more later this week how well it works.

Join here: Machine Learning | Facebook