Flight Timer & Alarms for FSi6- Awesome New Firmware!

mkme.org FSi6 firmware update

Recently I updated my FlySky FSi6 transmitter with yet another new firmware. This is the one I’ve been waiting for!  I now have fully functional flight timer with alarms and 3 more fully configurable alarms as well as full 10 channels.  This is all on an under $50 transmitter. Simply amazing.

WARNING!  There is always a chance you can brick your radio. Only proceed if you can accept the risks.

Important: If you use this firmware you need to bind any new receivers in the factory menu found HERE.  This is just holding both sticks down to the left when powering up.  The bind button wont work with this firmware.

To update yours follow the video here:

The RC Groups thread for all the information and help is HERE

The Firmware Updater is HERE

The firmware itself is found in the RC Groups thread as: hali9_updater_04_21_23_13.bin  (This may change quickly so use the newest one available in the forum)

Follow the video and enjoy this amazing new firmware!  Make sure you take the time to thank the guys over in the RC Groups thread. They are amazing!