Raspberry Pi Amazon Echo / Alexa Project

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If you would like to build the smart kitchen terminal shown in my videos start by setting up your Raspberry Pi set up as shown in the video and detailed instructions here.   You can also start with any basic Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. Now we can set you Pi up to be a fully functional Amazon Alexa powered device.

If you didn’t already watch the Alexa setup video you can see it HERE


As described in the video you need only follow the instructions on the Raspberry Pi Alexa GitHub page here.

Raspberry Pi Amazon Alexa Code


For me I decided to create shell scripts to run each of the 3 commands required to get Alexa up and running.  To do this you just make a new file on your desktop with any name you like followed my .sh.  in each of the files you will enter the startup commands.


Alexa Code mkme.org


amazon aleza raspberry pi mkme.org


raspberry pi echo www.mkme.org

To make your shell scripts executable you must use the command line tool and do this comamnd for each file

chmod 755 alexa1.sh
chmod 755 alexa2.sh

chmod 755 alexa3.sh

Now to start up your Alexa you just need to double click the shell script icons on your desktop in order starting with the first one.  This is the same as the instructions on GitHub just a bit easier for those not comfortable with the command line

You can also make these start automatically when your Raspberry Pi boots up.  I will try to post instructions for that in an upcoming article.

You can grab any Rasberry Pi parts in the MKME store


If you need any help or want to discuss the build you can visit the MKME Forum Thread here:


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