Pico Projector Review

Some time back I picked up a Pico projector to use in some upcoming projects.  I purchased mine from Amazon and it arrived quickly and fully functional.

These tiny LED projectors are a great addition to projects with the Raspberry Pi for the due to the sheer portability.  This unit has an internal battery which does seem to last about 80 minutes of continuous use.  The screen is not the highest resolution (960 X 540) but for the price it is on par with all other units I researched.

I have almost nothing negative to say about this unit. It would be nice if it was a tad bit brighter but this is always a want for any projector.

I can’t wait to use this in the upcoming “without borders” project where it will serve as a display for both Raspberry Pi and Android cell phones.

Here is the full review video:

I have this unit in the Amazon store here:



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