First look at the new Intel Arduino 101 Board

Recently the PR firm for Intel reached out to me and asked if I would have a look at the new Arduino 101 board. I agreed and decided to make a YouTube video on the topic.Β  Basically the 101 is the same form factor as the Arduino UNO board but with far better specs.

Here is the video overview:

So my thoughts on the board:

I’ll be honest in that I have never liked the UNO form at all. I find it too big and oddly shaped to be used in most of my projects.

The on board accelerometer is very cool but honestly I cannot see much use. With the size of the board I can’t see it very easy to embed in a moving object unless you are measuring something very large.Β  As well if you are not using a custom shield, the wiring is just going to flow around if you need to flip/rotate the board.

The Bluetooth LE is fantastic but I personally think the board would be better served with wifi instead. I suppose that entirely depends on the application though.

I think I will give this board away in the upcoming weeks to let someone else experience it too.

Stay tuned!

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