Extras Video Series for MKme Supporters

For those not aware I started a videos series for all mkme.org supporters. Each week I try to show some behind the scenes footage, interesting projects or other random topics. If you would like to have access to these videos you only need to visit my Patreon page and place a pledge of support:


You can pledge as little as $1. If everyone threw one dollar in the hat- imagine the difference we could make, projects we could do etc. A small pledge really does make a huge difference.

HUGE thanks to all my current Patreon supporters! You guys are amazing and I am loving having targeted videos just for you.

Important to note- I will always make free videos and content. Supporting will never be mandatory in any way.

Here’s a few examples of what lives in the mkme.org “Extras” series:

mkme extras series

mkme extras videos

mkme extras videos

mkme extras 4

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