DIY Search & Rescue Project For Amateur Radio Enthusiasts

Are you a ham radio operator or amateur radio enthusiast? Do you take part in emergency response, search and rescue or other public support role?  The ResQ project may be just what you need for the next field day or disaster training scenario!

ResQ DIY Search and Rescue
The ResQ passively receives the 2.4GHz packet traffic from any wifi enabled device and logs the data alongside GPS location and time. This can allow you to locate a lost person by detecting the signature from their cell phone.  Two different layouts are possible:

  • Ground unit with high gain YAGI antenna (or any antenna you wish)
  • Air Unit for attaching to a small drone or aircraft

Both units use the same hardware & PCB which all the details, design files and code can be found HERE The entire project is open source- all information is made available free of charge!Β 


If you would like to help support the project- Parts kits including all the electronics and PCB are available from Eric’s store here   

All parts and kits can be purchased on the site or get your own from any electronics supplier you choose! Full BOM and Code in the ResQ Github Repo

If you are an amateur radio enthusiast, preparedness enthusiast or just want to help out with Search and Rescue- ResQ might be just for you.

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