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Russian Weather Satellite with SDR

A while back I discovered the new Russian weather satellite Meteor-M2 and decided I simply must find a way to receive the bird with my SDR devices.

Thanks to a couple posts over at I was able to receive the satellite and decode the images.  Here are two of my recent images.  I’ll post up a video on this soon!

Meteor M2 weather satellite image
Meteor M2 weather satellite image Great Lakes North America


Meteor M2 Satellite SDR
Meteor M2 Satellite SDR



Meteor M2 weather satellite image
Meteor M2 weather satellite image- Great Lakes covered in a soup of cloud
Weather Satellite Tracking with Orbitron
Weather Satellite Tracking with Orbitron


NOAA Weather Satellite Images With Cheap SDR Receiver

This morning I decided to fire up the ultra cheap software defined radio (DVB-T dongle) so my PC could grab some weather satellite photos from the NOAA satellites.

If you haven’t heard- you can now buy a $10 USB device which functions as an all band radio receiver.  Tonnes of freeware programs now exist to work with these signals.  One fun use is decoding the weather images directly from the satellites.  It is really a simple process and your PC can stitch together multiple images to cover a large portion of any area.

Here is a composite image which is actually 3 satellite passes today which were automatically stitched together and displayed.  Not too bad for a $10 USB stick 🙂

NOAA Weather satellite software defined radio

I am using a commercial QFH antenna but you can easily make your own as well.  If you haven’t already- check out my videos on the cheap software defined radios- the number of things we can receive is quite incredible!

Here is the website which my receiver automatically updates when I have it configured to receive the NOAA images.

Here are the tutorial videos I made so anyone can use these little software defined radios to receive satellite weather transmission easily.