DIY YouTube Studio Build Update

360 video from MKME Lab

Tuesday on the MKME Lab YouTube Channel we took at look at the new YouTube studio build in a 360 degree virtual reality video format. More VR videos will be posted in the upcoming months and will allow viewers to feel like they are right here in the lab. Stay tune for more 360 video content.

MKME TV is LIVE 24/7!

For some time now I have been working to lay the groundwork for our own networks and community collaboration tools. One piece of that I had planned was our own TV network for broadcasting our content live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Back in May I set up the MKME Live YouTube channel (separate from the MKME Lab and MKME Media channels).  This week I finally had enough funds to purchase the PC hardware needed to get the channel up and broadcasting!

The channel is up and right now is broadcasting all the archives from the MKME Lab YouTube channel.  Certain days I will devote to certain topics (today is RC Saturday with all aircraft and drones/FPV videos)

As time goes on I will hopefully have content created by others in the MKME Community.  The channel will become a tunnel through which we can all reach the world.

I have many more plans under development.  Stay tuned!

DJI Phantom- Cinematic Video Right Out Of The Box!

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Recently I purchased the DJI Phantom 3 Standard quad/drone for getting some better footage for my YouTube videos.  I was very impressed with the results right out of the box.  As I have a history in the RC hobby it was really easy to get flying in a few minutes with the only setup of note being the basic firmware update.

mkmeorg got a new Phantom 3 standard drone

One thing I will cover in a later video- If you have R/C experience with planes, helicopters or quad copters like me, you might actually have a harder time with the Phantom than someone who has never flown before. There are a few nuances that need to be “re-learned” before the video footage really starts coming out great.

I decided my first video on the DJI Phantom would be just a basic overview of what a person can truly expect from the video footage when they first buy this machine.  There are a pile of videos out there and some of which can truly mislead a person’s expectations in my opinion.

I made this video on my 3rd flight with the Phantom. I then added a bit of easy editing (I will do a full video on how to apply these edits on the MKme Media YouTube Channel next week). I also left a portion of the footage completely unedited (raw from the camera) at the end of the video.

Check out my Phantom 3 Standard video and let me know what you think.  If you are thinking about purchasing this quad copter for aerial videography– my only advice would be to go for it.  I’ll explain more in the next YouTube Video but I simply cannot recommend this drone enough. The results are staggering in my eyes.

Stay tuned for my Top DJI Phantom Tips and Tricks video coming soon on the MKme Lab YouTube channel.