In this video we set up a portable electronics lab anyone can build anywhere

Eric wanted to have a portable electronics lab inside of a pelican case in this video we start setting it up with all the components needed for a portable electronics lab with soldering equipment oscilloscope meter and much more.

Many more tools can be added to this kit depending on the use case.

If you want to focus more on repairs then you’ll probably want to add more tools to this kit instead of the diagnostic equipment. Amor feature filled oscilloscope might be handy to have as well.

Stay tuned for part two of this video covering All the equipment in much more detail will test us in future episodes as well.

Raspberry Pi Pico Wont Run Main.py FIXED!

Eric ran into issues with his raspberry pi pico where sometimes it wouldn’t run the main dock pie script this turned out to be related to the I2C initialization a simple delay in the set up of the code seems to have solved it and micro python works normally. If your raspberry pi pico won’t run main.py then give this a try just add a delay a little sleep function in the beginning of your code and see if it helps check out the video for more information