MKME TV is LIVE 24/7!

For some time now I have been working to lay the groundwork for our own networks and community collaboration tools. One piece of that I had planned was our own TV network for broadcasting our content live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Back in May I set up the MKME Live YouTube channel (separate from the MKME Lab and MKME Media channels).  This week I finally had enough funds to purchase the PC hardware needed to get the channel up and broadcasting!

The channel is up and right now is broadcasting all the archives from the MKME Lab YouTube channel.  Certain days I will devote to certain topics (today is RC Saturday with all aircraft and drones/FPV videos)

As time goes on I will hopefully have content created by others in the MKME Community.  The channel will become a tunnel through which we can all reach the world.

I have many more plans under development.  Stay tuned!

Anchor Social Media Platform- First Impressions

Anchor App For business

I’ve been testing out the new Anchor app lately and I have to say I think they might have a winner here.  Basically Anchor is an audio sharing app whereby you can have discussions with people, post comments and feedback all via voice/audio.

Here is my initial thoughts on the platform:

Community Blog Submissions

An exciting new development for the site is that anyone can now submit blog posts they wish to see on the site.  Complete the form below with a well written article and you will see it hosted forever on this site.

Accreditation is given to each and every author as well as a link to the URL of their choosing.


Here is the direct link: Blog Submission Form

Back to business at MKme.Org

Its been awhile since an update and I just want to say a HUGE thanks to all you out there in the MKmeNation for all the support you have given me.  Every day I get to interact with many of you via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  You guys are simply AMAZING!

You can also hit me up on Persicope @mkmeorg  Snapchat @mkmeorg as well as Meerkat @mkmeorg

Some exciting things are coming up for the community very soon.  I’m excited to say the Tech Talk Live shows will be starting up in the next 2 weeks.  Some changes are in the works for the format of the show and content as well.  This year should be the best yet!

Huge thanks to all you out there supporting me on Patreon.  You guys are simply fantastic.  For those not aware you can support the community for as little as $1 and receive access to an exclusive video series only for supporters as well as early access to the YouTube videos before they are made public.

Remember to check out all the great people of the MKme Community on the G+ Community as well as the Facebook page.  Some awesome “makers” and “tech” enthusiasts sharing amazing things.

Updates soon on the new collaborations I have in mind with all of you out there in the community.  Join the next live show Sept 21st right here:


Here is live show replay for those that haven’t seen it before:



You are the reason I love what I do!

Monday I went live on Persicope to talk about a few things that have been on my mind a lot lately. I want to share with you some of my favorite YouTube channels from some really great people!

Here is the replay of the live Periscope show:

Channels I like for inspiration:

Gary Vee:




Some standards for everything Maker, electronics and otherwise “hobby-ish”:

Dave Jones:










A bunch more channels of makers, inventors, hackers and members of the MKme Community! Some you might not have heard of…













I’m sure I have missed a tonne so my apologies. These are just some of the people who make me truly love what I do. The world is full of awesome people doing awesome things- I really enjoy when I get to share it a bit.


Extras Video Series for MKme Supporters

For those not aware I started a videos series for all supporters. Each week I try to show some behind the scenes footage, interesting projects or other random topics. If you would like to have access to these videos you only need to visit my Patreon page and place a pledge of support:

You can pledge as little as $1. If everyone threw one dollar in the hat- imagine the difference we could make, projects we could do etc. A small pledge really does make a huge difference.

HUGE thanks to all my current Patreon supporters! You guys are amazing and I am loving having targeted videos just for you.

Important to note- I will always make free videos and content. Supporting will never be mandatory in any way.

Here’s a few examples of what lives in the “Extras” series:

mkme extras series

mkme extras videos

mkme extras videos

mkme extras 4