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Tech Talk Live Maker Show #19 ?>

Tech Talk Live Maker Show #19

Tech Talk Live Maker Show with Eric  #19 March 23 2015. This week we cover the weekly news from the #Maker and #Tech world. As well we cover some big news for the MKme Community as a whole. Here is the live broadcast video: Here are the show notes/links to the content discussed this week: Tech News: Tek Thing Channel: Jibo Personal Robot: Boston Dynamics Montage: SXSW 3D Printing- Big part of the show Computers understanding pictures: Viewer Challenge- What…

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Work on the InMoov Robot Arm ?>

Work on the InMoov Robot Arm

Did some work on the InMoov 3D printed robotic arm recently.  I had been meaning to get around to fixing a servo issue I have had since I initially assembled the arm.  Basically for my setup- I need to ensure all servos stop before their limits to avoid buring them out. I concluded some time ago that this particular arm would not be suited for assembly into the entire robot build (which I’m not sure I will do yet).  The…

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