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Friday in the lab Eric reviewed parts in a new electronics mailbag video. Lately the videos are getting demonetized so starting next week more videos may be posted to Patreon only.

Lab Update ?>

Lab Update

Tuesday in the Lab Eric showed his upcoming Brain Computer interface. He has tested the BCI before in videos with great success. Stay tuned for full tutorials and testing coming up soon!

Electronics Repair Tips Video ?>

Electronics Repair Tips Video

Friday on the MKME Lab YouTube channel we shared tips on electronics cleaning with alcohol and pump systems to make the work easier. This is a part of the ongoing videos series covering tips and tricks for electronics hobbyists. Next week we will have a new 360 virtual reality video out so stay tuned!

Tech Talk Live with Eric- Show #16 ?>

Tech Talk Live with Eric- Show #16

Each week I do a live YouTube broadcast where all viewers and members of the “Maker” community can join up to share their questions, comments, ideas and projects. There are the show notes for episode #16 of the live broadcast. Tech Talk Live with Eric Show #16 March 2 2015. This week we cover the weekly news from the #Maker and #Tech world. As well we cover some big news for the MKme Community as a whole. Here is the…

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