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This open source project investigates using AP beacon packet sniffing to locate people such as lost hikers, campers and even poachers in game preserves. This works anywhere- as long as wifi is enabled on the targets phone. The hardware detects the beacon frames from their cellular phone, records the GPS coordinates for use later. 2 flavors are made: one hand-held portable and the other airborne carried by plane or drone. DETAILS I was inspired by the constant stream of search…

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What is this object in the night sky? ?>

What is this object in the night sky?

Last night I took out my Canon 70D to get a few night photos of the sky above Goderich Ontario and caught a bit of a strange object. Being in town there is a tonne of light pollution but I wanted to test out the higher ISO of this camera (far better than my old Pentax). I took a few shots at ISO 3200, 15 second exposure at F3.5 at 18mm on the kit lens. It was a few hours…

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