Wednesday Live Show ?>

Wednesday Live Show

Wednesday night Eric did a new live stream from the Lab. He showed the Electric Imp WIFI printer as well as new high voltage inverters. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to catch all the live shows.

New Live Show! ?>

New Live Show!

Monday Eric streamed a new live show from the lab. He tested out new streaming options which allow the video to appear on multiple platforms.

Forum Issues Resolved. ?>

Forum Issues Resolved.

A recent upgrade to the main server caused the forum posts to remove code and formatting for many Arduino projects. This is now resolved. Thank you to everyone who helped out!

Live Saturday Night show! ?>

Live Saturday Night show!

Saturday night Eric went live from the new YouTube studio space. He showed some of the 3D printing projects, new robot as well as the drone build updates. Stay tuned on the MKME.ORG website for more details of the new projects!