$10 Motion Alarm That WORKS! ?>

$10 Motion Alarm That WORKS!

Friday Eric published a full tutorial on how to make a DIY motion sensor alarm with under ten dollars in hardware. Anyone can make it and it only requires 3 wires!

Soldering Some Electronics ?>

Soldering Some Electronics

Monday in the lab Eric streamed a new drone build. He assembled the motors and electronic speed controls live on YouTube

Never Forget Your Solder ?>

Never Forget Your Solder

Friday the new video was more of a vlog format. Some 3d printing some electronics mixed with some drone flying. See all the new videos on the main YouTube channel.

New Drone Build Live ?>

New Drone Build Live

Thursday Eric live streamed a new quadcopter build. The Blue Falcon build is a 210 freestyle budget drone assembled with simple and cheap components.

Maker Vlog ?>

Maker Vlog

New format of video today on the YouTube channel. Eric showed some 3d printing and drone projects from this week in making