Live Saturday Night show! ?>

Live Saturday Night show!

Saturday night Eric went live from the new YouTube studio space. He showed some of the 3D printing projects, new robot as well as the drone build updates. Stay tuned on the MKME.ORG website for more details of the new projects!

Saturday in the Lab ?>

Saturday in the Lab

Saturday we were able to set up new Live Streaming software which should allow people to view the Live shows on several platforms. As well make sure you check out live 24/7 broadcasts on WWW.MKME.TV

Friday in the Lab ?>

Friday in the Lab

This week in the lab Eric worked on the new Raspberry Pi powered robot chassis as well as the new 3D printed Edge 540 RC plane. Tune in next week for new videos on the YouTube channel.



Friday in the lab Eric reviewed parts in a new electronics mailbag video. Lately the videos are getting demonetized so starting next week more videos may be posted to Patreon only.

Lab Update ?>

Lab Update

Tuesday in the Lab Eric showed his upcoming Brain Computer interface. He has tested the BCI before in videos with great success. Stay tuned for full tutorials and testing coming up soon!



Friday in the Lab Eric 3D printed some airplane wings on the CR10. He shared the files and settings on GitHub so anyone can follow along printing this Edge 540 Aircraft.

Project Update ?>

Project Update

Last week Eric was unable to publish a video but this week the lab has been busy. Expect a new 3D printing video as well as a new Patreon giveaway coming up!