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Community Update ?>

Community Update

I thought it time for a quick update and share some things going on with the YouTube channel and MKME Community lately. The last few months have been extremely busy. A lot has gone on in the “background” and I’m excited to say that the next few months should bring more updates, announcements, new initiates and video development than any time in the history of the MKME community. Sometime in late Q3/early Q4 2016 you will see this work start…

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Community Blog Submissions ?>

Community Blog Submissions

An exciting new development for the site is that anyone can now submit blog posts they wish to see on the site.  Complete the form below with a well written article and you will see it hosted forever on this site. Accreditation is given to each and every author as well as a link to the URL of their choosing.   Loading… Here is the direct link: Blog Submission Form



This weeks live show can be viewed here (remember if watching live to go to the YouTube page for live chat function)   Here are all the videos, links and channels mentioned in this weeks show. Anonymous- #OpISIS- Anons send an ominous warning… Techcrunch new podcast on Bitcoin state of affairs: This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: A New Exchange And The World Of Mining AIRBOYD Channel Video- The Horizon- Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) 3D Printing- Free download Nokia 5110…

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Aurora-1 High Altitude Balloon Launch- Delayed ?>

Aurora-1 High Altitude Balloon Launch- Delayed

After much agonizing and running constant landing predictions for the last 6 weeks- I have decided to delay the launch of the High Altitude Balloon.  Currently the conditions in Goderich Ontario Canada are not suitable for a safe controlled launch, flight and recovery. This, unfortunately, means we will not be able to partake in the Global Space Balloon Challenge hosted by M.I.T university.  Although this was never the primary focus for the mission, it would have been fun to participate. Much…

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DIY High Altitude Balloon- Progress ?>

DIY High Altitude Balloon- Progress

Well the DIY space program is indeed coming along.  There are so many things to build/engineer that I fear I may indeed run out of time before the scheduled launch day.  This isn’t really a problem as we can just delay until all systems are go- but it could be a disappointment. Recently I tested some hand warmers for the payload heating with great success.  I don’t think I should have any trouble protecting the electronics from the -60 Celsius…

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