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Friday in the Lab Eric 3D printed some airplane wings on the CR10. He shared the files and settings on GitHub so anyone can follow along printing this Edge 540 Aircraft.

Cheap FPV Drone ?>

Cheap FPV Drone

Friday in the Lab Eric did a final recap of the custom Red October drone build. You can build one of these for a budget price. The build videos can be found in a playlist on the YouTube channel.

Awesome F100 Micro Brushless FPV Drone- Full Review and Flight ?>

Awesome F100 Micro Brushless FPV Drone- Full Review and Flight

Friday on the MKME Lab YouTube channel we did a full review on the Awesome F100 micro quadcopter from Gearbest. This tiny quad has full on screen display and brushless motors which make it a really impressive tiny drone.  Eric gave it a thumbs up for indoor and outdoor flying.

Flight Timer & Alarms for FSi6- Awesome New Firmware! ?>

Flight Timer & Alarms for FSi6- Awesome New Firmware!

Recently I updated my FlySky FSi6 transmitter with yet another new firmware. This is the one I’ve been waiting for!  I now have fully functional flight timer with alarms and 3 more fully configurable alarms as well as full 10 channels.  This is all on an under $50 transmitter. Simply amazing. WARNING!  There is always a chance you can brick your radio. Only proceed if you can accept the risks. Important: If you use this firmware you need to bind…

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MKME TV is LIVE 24/7! ?>

MKME TV is LIVE 24/7!

For some time now I have been working to lay the groundwork for our own networks and community collaboration tools. One piece of that I had planned was our own TV network for broadcasting our content live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Back in May I set up the MKME Live YouTube channel (separate from the MKME Lab and MKME Media channels).  This week I finally had enough funds to purchase the PC hardware needed to get…

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Community Update ?>

Community Update

I thought it time for a quick update and share some things going on with the YouTube channel and MKME Community lately. The last few months have been extremely busy. A lot has gone on in the “background” and I’m excited to say that the next few months should bring more updates, announcements, new initiates and video development than any time in the history of the MKME community. Sometime in late Q3/early Q4 2016 you will see this work start…

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