Soldering Some Electronics ?>

Soldering Some Electronics

Monday in the lab Eric streamed a new drone build. He assembled the motors and electronic speed controls live on YouTube

Never Forget Your Solder ?>

Never Forget Your Solder

Friday the new video was more of a vlog format. Some 3d printing some electronics mixed with some drone flying. See all the new videos on the main YouTube channel.

New Drone Build Live ?>

New Drone Build Live

Thursday Eric live streamed a new quadcopter build. The Blue Falcon build is a 210 freestyle budget drone assembled with simple and cheap components.

Maker Vlog ?>

Maker Vlog

New format of video today on the YouTube channel. Eric showed some 3d printing and drone projects from this week in making

AKK Smart Audio EASY FIX! ?>

AKK Smart Audio EASY FIX!

Tuesday In the lab we showed how to fix Smart Audio for your AKK video transmitter. More videos coming soon on building your very own drones and video systems.